Main Topics

I. Adult Cardiac

a. Aortic and Endovascular
b. End-Stage Heart Failure/Heart Transplantation/Extracorporeal Circulation/VADs
c. Valves
d. Coronary
e. Minimally invasive and Robotic Cardiac Surgery

II. Congenital

a. Pediatric Congenital Cardiac
b. Adult Congenital Cardiac 
c. Basic Science Research and Other

III. General Thoracic

a. End-Stage Lung Disease/Lung Transplantation
b. Pulmonary/Chest Wall
c. Esophagus
d. Mediastinum and all other

IV. Basic Science Research

a. Adult Cardiac
b. Pediatric Cardiac
c. General Thoracic

V. Critical Care

a. Adult Cardiac
b. Congenital
c. General Thoracic

VI. Vascular Surgery